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We have 7 children in our family and both my parents had to work to support us.

So actually i can say that i lived in poverty but never went without.

Young individuals (often White) from suburban, upper-middle-class households are more likely to stay within their communities, more than any other social class.

David Asenov, a friend of mine and a mechanical engineering student at Florida State University, suggested that perhaps White guys just don't know how to approach Black girls.

I've had marriage proposals, gifts, money, everything offered to me, none of which I accepted.

I feel sorry for those of you who feel the need to put us "gringas" down because it's all you can do to make yourselves feel better.

In an earlier article of mine, I discovered why some Black men degrade Black women.

That was due to their subconscious belief that Black is not beautiful, intelligent, etc.

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