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This month marks the 50th anniversary of the Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking and Health, the public announcement that definitively implicated cigarettes in lung cancer and heart disease.Yet it would still be another four years before Phillip Morris launched Virginia Slims, the first brand marketed specifically to women and the last tobacco campaign to air on television: a one-minute genealogy of women smokers “from Flapper to Female Lib,” in the campaign’s signature style.”Another, released in 1987 by the American Lung Association, depicts a young couple cozying up on a sofa.The girl shimmies a pack out of her pocket and offers a smoke to her visibly disgusted love interest.The love interest flees, and the dejected young smoker sits, incredulous.“Nobody Wants to Kiss an Ashtray.”While the myth of the glamorous she-smoker had been debunked, the great irony of these PSAs was that they threatened the viewer with boyfriend-retention and lost beauty, a campaign that would have made the original Virginia Slim roll in her grave.Trivia: Virginia Slims cigarettes was the last cigarette brand to advertise on US television, airing an ad just before midnight on the night of New Year's Day 1971.The ad featured a pre-Hill Street Blues Veronica Hamel.

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By then, Virginia Slims smokers were already loyal patrons and heading toward middle-age.

They no longer fancied themselves in knee socks and terry cloth. The new Gen X smokers were the first teenagers to be exposed to high-volumes of anti-tobacco PSAs, and if Phillip Morris was going to outshine the American Lung Association, they needed to change their approach.

Eve, introduced in 1970, boasted floral-printed tipping papers and soft packs, and prompted women to identify with a radical Eve-out-of-Eden.

A bedroom-eyed woman wearing a paisley halter dress sits cross-legged on the floor, clutching a cigarette: “There’s a little Eve in every woman.” More’s ads used a subtle (or not so) female sexual pleasure campaign, though their leggy models dressed professionally, like a VS gal after her first promotion or on a solo vacation: "'I'm More Satisfied'", “‘What’s the Point of a Cigarette Like That?

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So when youth-target budget brands like Misty and Capri hit the market, it was as though the accessory-laden models knew what a long way they’d come (so to speak) and had nothing to prove to anyone.

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