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The example shows the error code, which can be used for troubleshooting.

In this case, it indicates that files are missing – expected as they were not yet on Windows Update.

A failure example is shown below: Note: This is a pre-release example, which was failing because the files were not available on Windows Update.

This is not expected to be a real-world failure case.

Important: When corruption repair fixes a damaged file, there may still be damage to Windows files that are in use.

Status for the execution of these commands, and the result of each is shown in the CMD window, making it easier to interpret the result compared with Check SUR on Windows 7.

Just check the box in the Turn Windows features on or off interface.

When you turn Windows features on or off, you're telling Windows Servicing to do some work in the component store folder. Now that Windows 8 can source component files from Windows Update, features can be downloaded based on your action in the Turn Windows features on or off interface.

This is the state that represents a feature absent from the component store.

The primary method used to repair this type of corruption is to scan the disk, and the Check SUR update to find and repair damaged component files.

This required a significant amount of time, to both download and run Check SUR.

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