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ZEIT online - Jobs (in German only) The online job search engine of the „Zeit“ contains more than 10, 000 up to date job ads.

praktika.de (in German only)A comprehensive data base for internships in Germany and abroad.

The DAAD also offers a range of scholarships for German and international students.

Studentenwerk Berlin Studentenwerk Berlin provides social, economic and cultural support services to Berlin's students.

ZEIT online - Studium (in German only)A site containing topical and current information on German higher education. stadt=Berlin (in German only)Makes searching for an accommodation in Berlin much easier.

Spiegel Online - Unispiegel (in German only)The „Uni Spiegel“ by „Spiegel Online“ provides news and reports from the academic field but also advice on how to write an assignment, internships, student jobs and student accommodation. Career Service der FU Berlin (in German only)Information service for students looking for jobs and internships.

It provides insights into the alumni network and the variety of events at the University.The online offer includes internships, training opportunities, student jobs and job offers for graduates.Stellenbörse der Arbeitsagentur (in German only)Online data base for jobs and internships of the Bundesagentur für Arbeit.Die Auswahl „klassische“ Struktur exportiert die Daten in Form einer klassischen Kreuztabelle wie Sie sie eben im Browser gesehen haben.Die Auswahl „pivot-optimiert“ exportiert die Daten in einer Datenbankstruktur, in der jeder Wert eine eigen Zeile erhält.

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