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Chinese Medicine views the kidneys' influence on our total health and well-being, and recognizes disease as imbalances or blockages of qi.It uses natural ways, such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Medicated Bath, to revive kidneys.

Professor Canavero and his collaborators discussed trials to test whether it is possible to reconnect the spinal cord of a head to another body with tests that will stimulate the nervous system in fresh human corpses with electrical pulses.

He said: “Having the transplant transformed my life.

I have gone from feeling constantly sick and exhausted to feeling healthy.

To maintain blood flow to the donor brain, they connected the blood vessels from that rat to veins of the third rat using a silicon tube, which was then passed through a peristaltic pump.

Then, once the head had been transplanted onto the second rat's body, the researchers used vascular grafts to connect the donor's thoracic aorta and superior vena cava to the carotid artery and extracorporeal veins of the recipient.

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Many professionals have branded the experiment as having negligible scientific or medical and have questioned Professor Canavero's ethics.

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