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‘Eileen wrote letters to Julian when she was doing a show on Broadway and, although I knew it was a terrible thing to do, I’d steam them open and read them.

I did it because I was so overpoweringly in love and frightened he’d get bored and go back to her.

She’s always championed his acting career [Jamie has appeared in Luther and Waterloo Road].’ The redoubtable Dame Eileen remains a cherished friend and a powerful actress.

Neither has she, it seems, lost any of her sexual allure, despite her advancing years.

“It was interesting being in Sri Lanka because I almost felt that I reconnected with that [Nepalese] part of myself, having been brought up in the western world since the age of seven,” she says, referring to her early childhood in the Kathmandu Valley.

She was, however, worried about Eileen’s reaction when Jamie was born – unnecessarily as it turned out. Parcels would arrive with very expensive little jumpers.

I’d turned into her stalker.’Isla and Julian married, in September 1968, a day after his divorce.

On their honeymoon, she fell pregnant, aged 24, which she describes as a ‘miracle’.

‘When you’re married to an actor, it’s best not to do too much probing,’ she says.

‘We meet a lot of very vibrant and attractive people in our profession. You learn that nothing is worth breaking up your marriage for.’When she and Julian are apart, she says, she feels lonely.

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“It was the year I came out of drama school in London, so it was a great lesson in acting and working on screen.” This shows her to be grounded actress with the sort of acumen that put her on the London property ladder at an age when many millennials are still struggling to afford the rent.

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