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Then there's Sugimoto, an older guy who wants to be an important part of her life — but he's the one who Kazuha hates more than anyone! Recently dumped by her boyfriend, Ishida-kun, Megumi still can't figure out why his feelings for her started to change.

She tries to make the best of it and move on, but every time she runs into him in the hall she's reminded of the last words he said to her.

One day, while waiting for the train, she finds herself drawn to a blonde-haired boy whose pained expression reminds her of herself on the day Ishida-kun broke up with her.

It turns out he had been rejected by someone he loved as well.

What happens when three friends venture to the other side in search of their troubled friend Ryuu?

Many poems about love will move you deeply in this poignant collection of stories. 27-year-old Ayukawa Yuuji has never been much of a man; he's more comfortable sewing than fighting, he faints at the sight of blood, and his fiancee is tougher than he is. So when his boss at the medical lab volunteers him for some experimental drug therapy, how can he possibly refuse?As her sister's coffin finally closes for the last time she whispers "wait for me until I join you," but Haru's fiancé, Tougo has other plans which might mend both their hearts. They were the exact opposite and even if both them were cute, they hated men. Tecchan says he'll always be with Sora but Sora begins to notice the space Tecchan is putting between them.(Source: MU)She was her best friend and he was her first love... Suddenly Tecchan decides to move away and kisses Sora before he leaves. (Source: Manga Traders) "Love's Song"--This is collection of stories about three girls who projected their feelings onto a particular beautiful poem.But this fragile relationship threatens to collapse when she finds out the real reason behind why her last relationship ended. Uta wo Kitasete 詩を聴かせて (Let Me Hear Your Song) (1997) - 1 vol. Sekai de Ichiban Daikirai 世界でいちばん大嫌い (I Hate You More Than Anyone) (1998-2001) - 13 vols. Akiyoshike Series (Akiyoshi Brothers) (2006) - 2 vols.Sado Taro became a masochist, one that feels pleasure from enduring physical and or psychological pain, in middle school when his classmate, Yuno Arashiko, punched him.

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