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He claimed his pistol was in his waistband in the small of his back.

was its first registrar, now it is moved to Go LLC.

Markoff made several suicide attempts while at the Nashua Street Jail: one three days after his arrest, one after his fiancee broke up with him, and one on the day his wedding was to have taken place.

At various times he was on suicide watch or in the jail's psychiatric unit.

He gave the woman his badge, handgun and a pouch with ,000. I can't believe I trusted you." The woman texted him back that he was going too far and said, "U are abusing your status." Fearing for her safety, she called the Saratoga County Sheriff's Office.

He said he had to leave his shotgun with "Tom." On March 13, after Kramer was discharged from the hospital, he and his friend "Tom" met the woman outside her home. Kramer, in turn, was arrested and charged with impersonation.

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