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His children all possess their father's "Polecat" side stepping technique which only lets their opponent pass them just once!

Below are the children of the champion who have followed their footsteps.

Cooke who had purchased all of Sandford Hatch's & E. Law's gamefowl creating the Lawridge Plantation in Florida.

Now Jerry Hughes at 80 years of age has handed me this famous and perfected line of "Pork Chop" & "Fowler" gamefowl that were handed down from John O.

For (27) twenty seven years Colonel Sanders and Jerry Hughes have culled the Hatch first by showing each stag (2) twice his first year then showing (4) four times as cock before letting any cock retire with 6 wins in the brood pens.In the pit this cock was untouched in five straight pittings letting every other fowl pass him just once.During the derby he was fought again against a noted breeder in the back yard of the pits - with another victory.He gathered his strengths quickly and within two weeks had no visible problems despite only having one eye.Amazingly, all of his children posses their fathers winning techniques and nice temperament.

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