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These parents should know that no parent could have done more for their child.'They have, however, now accepted that Charlie's life cannot be improved and that the only remaining course is for him to be given palliative care and to permit him to die with dignity.'A brain scan last week dashed the family's hopes and bolstered Great Ormond Street's argument that it not fair on Charlie to keep him alive.The court hearing into Charlie Gard started with the judge informed that Connie and Chris have made the decision to allow their son to die.The hospital said Charlie's parents had 'fought long and hard for what they have been led to believe was a treatment that would give him a chance to be the Charlie he was before the effects of his illness became evident'.

But she promised her 'hero' son's 'legacy will never, ever die'.The top three reasons people gave to justify not having a CO alarm were: 'I've never had one before' (28.3%), 'It's on my to-do list, I just haven't done it yet' (28.1%) and 'I don't think I need one' (22.5%).Matthew Cole, from npower, said: 'It's concerning to see these results from our research as they clearly show there's a serious gap between awareness of CO poisoning and understanding what the symptoms are.'Devastatingly, the information obtained since 13 July gives no cause for optimism.Rather, it confirms that whilst NBT may well assist others in the future, it cannot and could not have assisted Charlie'.

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