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To display information about a sender, the user should have selected a Mail Item in the explorer. Selection(1) ' Check for the type of the selected item as only the ' Mail Item object has the Sender property. If Sender Is Nothing Then Msg Box "There's no sender for the current email", vb Information Exit Sub End If Set Contact = Sender.

The code example also checks whether the selected Mail Item has been sent, because the Sender property is defined only if the Mailtem has been sent. Get Contact If Not Contact Is Nothing Then ' The sender is stored in the contacts folder, ' so the contact item can be displayed. Display Else ' If the contact cannot be found, display the ' address entry in the properties dialog box.

The source code in this repository is what you should end up with if you follow the steps outline here.

This tutorial will use the Microsoft Office Add-in Project Generator to generate an add-in project.

All code examples are written in C#, and of course you are free to re-write them using VB. Start by adding a new ADXRibbon Tab component to the Addin Module designer surface and add a new ribbon group and button to the ribbon tab component.

Next, add an Open File Dialog component to the Addin Module designer surface and set the following properties: The code above will display a file dialog to the user with which they can choose a file.

The file will then be attached to the e-mail using the Add method of the Attachments collection property of the Mail Item object.

After you've added the class, declare the Outlook Items Events Class in the Addin class file: Open the Outlook Item Events Class class, this class enables you to handle the following events: This event occurs after an attachment has been added to an Outlook item and an instance of the attachment that was added is passed to the event as a parameter.Removing and recreating the account isn't really an option because of all the information tied to this specific user's account. Assuming that the user name appears correctly in the Global Address List and Offline Address Book, you may need to reset the Outlook Nickname cache, as described here: How to reset the nickname and the automatic completion caches in Outlook Microsoft Outlook maintains a nickname list that is used by both the automatic name checking feature and the automatic completion feature.The nickname list is generated automatically as you use Outlook.Explorer Dim Current Item As Object Dim Sender As Outlook. Many Outlook developers have been faced with programmatically accessing and working with Outlook Item attachments.

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