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Although these isoforms of CPT I gene can express CPT I protein which catalyzes the same reaction, they have different properties [8].For example, Mc Garry and Brown [12] pointed out that mammalian isoforms in fish involve the response to either dietary or hormonal treatments [15,16,17,18,19].Besides, two GGGCGG-box (Sp1), located at −13 bp to −29 bp and −127 bp to −143 bp, were also identified on the core promoter of promoter, distributed at the position −1939 bp to −1961 bp (PPARα/RXR binding site), −1179 bp to −1201 bp (PPARγ binding site), −1104 bp to −1136 bp (PPARγ binding site) and −1044 bp to −1066 bp (PPARγ binding site). The reporter activity for each serial deletion was compared with the activity of p Gl3-basic vector, and the p Gl3-basic was chosen as the baseline.Figure 5A showed the result of deletion assay of the promoter sequence from −2695 bp to −86 bp in Hep G2 cells.Among the PPAR family member, PPARα plays crucial roles in the catabolism of fatty acids by increasing the expression of key lipolytic enzymes (also CPT I) [24,25].Studies demonstrated that the genes, respectively [27,28].However, expression of eukaryotic genes is controlled at the level of transcription initiation.Promoters, which contain cis-acting sequences bound by a wide variety of regulatory factors, control the expression of individual genes.

Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPARs), which belong to ligand-dependent transcription factors, regulate the expression of various genes involved in lipid metabolism [22,23].In the present study, we characterized promoter were cloned and submitted to an online transcription factor database (Mat Inspector) for sequence analysis.RNA ligase-mediated rapid amplification of 5′ c DNA ends (RLM-5′RACE) was performed to identify the TSS of gene, mapped to the most upstream position from the grass carp liver c DNA library, was arbitrarily designated as 1′ and the alternative 5′ splicing site was designated as 1 (Figure 1A, B).Site-mutation and electrophoretic mobility-shift assay (EMSA) revealed that fenofibrate-induced PPARα activation did not bind with predicted PPARα binding sites of Lipids are the major sources of metabolic energy in fish [1].Body lipid composition results from the balance among deposition of dietary lipids, de novo synthesis of fatty acids and oxidation of fatty acids.

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