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With a copy of Kodansha's Essential Kanji Dictionary close at hand--with its definitions, stroke order, Chinese compounds, Japanese compounds, business terminology, and three helpful indices -- the life of the typical student of Japanese should take a decided turn for the better.

--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

The Workshop allows instructors to easily post readings, glossaries, and various Java Script exercises directly online through their site.

The scripts are available for download but support will be limited until January when I get stable internet access.

While this is not a terrible dictionary, it has two major flaws: First, for each kanji it only lists compounds that begin with the given kanji.

This project, currently in active development, builds on the below Jii-chan project and the Java Script flashcard script by offering an online repository of glossaries for direct review online.

This site is dedicated to various projects I have worked on in my spare time from 1999-2004 which I hope might possibly be useful to others.

All software, information, and scripts found on this site are free for anyone to use, and in those cases where I have provided the source code, is also open source.

'Japanese for Busy People', is quite appropriate to describe the textbook, breifly, yet comprehensively.

It satisfies the needs of the beginner, who might be completely new to the strain of the language as such, differentiated from the common ones, as well as the culture, which is so very necessary and helpful to communicate.

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