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Corrections Corporation of America’s record of malpractice is not just confined to the treatment of people incarcerated within its facilities but has often come at the expense of the company’s own employees.

As the nation’s first state prison to be sold to a private company, Corrections Corporation of America’s purchase of the Lake Erie Correctional Institution for .7 million from Ohio in late 2011 was widely hailed as a “groundbreaking” move that would pave the way for other states seeking to cut costs.[1] The excitement of this transaction quickly soured when, only a year into CCA’s control of the facility, state audits found staff mismanagement, widespread violence, delays in medical treatment and “unacceptable living conditions”, including a lack of access to toilet facilities, with prisoners forced to defecate in plastic containers and bags.

,734,793.[5] Given the pay and benefit levels offered by CCA to the majority of its staff, it is no surprise that those who are hired often do not have extensive corrections experience, nor are they provided with appropriate training.

Owen also highlighted the high marks given to the facility by the American Correctional Association, the accreditation body which offers its services in return for payment and whose former employees include past president Daron Hall (a former CCA program director) and at least one current CCA employee, Todd Thomas, who serves as an ACA auditor.

I couldn't find anything in Dev Express forums about this problem.Now a multi-billion dollar corporation, CCA manages more than 65 correctional and detention facilities with a capacity of more than 90,000 beds in 19 states and the District of Columbia.[1] Hutto’s direction as a corrections chief was anything but rosy.Still there are a couple of tricks that we will see in the following lines.One is the master grid, the other ones are detail grid connected with primary/foreign key.When I click the new button in a detail grid, the columns in the form comes totally blank.

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