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Zyrus made some minor appearances on local television shows and commercials, but essentially fell off the radar after Little Big Star.

Only in 2007 did Zyrus gain worldwide recognition after an avid supporter, False Voice, started posting a series of performances on You Tube.

When asked about the possibility of transitioning into a man she said: 'Not exactly transitioning to like a 'male male' but basically like…my soul is male, but I'm not going to change everything,' she said as if struggling for the right words.'You don’t want to change your body? 'Not change my body, I would change like, this look you know?

' She said gesturing to her new appearance of cropped blonde hair and less feminine clothes. 'That night when I was thinking about coming out I was ready to lose my career, ready to lose my fans, I was confident that I wouldn't lose my family because I knew that eventually they would understand me,' said the Infinity songstress.

Upon the release of the album, Zyrus appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, where she performed, "Pyramid" and "In This Song".

She also performed it on QVC with her other songs from her self-titled album, Zyrus, such as "I Love You", "Note to God" and "In This Song".

The freeness Charice feels trumps anything she might have lost from her deciding to fully embody herself in both her personal and professional lives.

While sexuality and gender identity are still inconvenient concepts for some people to grasp, Charice’s voice is no less awe-inducing than it was five years ago, when it came from a tiny girl in a dress.“The more I see telling me, ‘You’re so pretty when you’re wearing that dress,’ the more I know it didn’t make me happy,” Charice said.

Although a consistent top scorer in the final rounds, Zyrus did not win the title in the finale, only placing third.After a loss on the country’s , Charice turned to You Tube to showcase her voice, which caught the attention of American songwriter Haras Fyre.Through his help, Charice signed with a talent management agency that lined her up with her first television gig on the U. It was December of 2007 and the 14-year-old traveled west for the first time ever, performing “I Will Always Love You” and “And I Am Telling You” on the Los Angeles stage in front of Ellen and a live audience.These videos received over 15 million hits, making Zyrus an internet sensation.In June 2007, producers at Ten Songs/Productions, a music publishing company in Sweden, invited Jake to a demo-recording seeing online videos.

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