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It made a huge difference and I started to get a lot more responses.Having people say you look lovely in your photo is a real confidence boost.’ But putting up your profile is only the beginning — you’ve also got to go on a date, finding the courage to meet a stranger after years of being with someone you know intimately.He went in for a kiss, but I jumped in my car and drove away.I didn’t know what to do.‘Now I’m texting three men.Charlie Hughes, 34, an air hostess from Oxford, started online dating after a second long-term relationship ended. ‘I got ready, sat on the bed and just thought: “I can’t do this.”‘I worried that he wouldn’t show up or he’d be awful.I even worried about people looking at us and knowing we were on a first date.

‘That’s when he went cold,’ says the 28-year-old advertising executive from Stockport.

‘I started to get short replies to texts and he didn’t seem keen to chat on the phone.

I didn’t pick up the signals — as far as I could see, it was going well. I was stunned.’Jennifer made a classic dating error — she’d come on too strong, too quickly.

‘When my 16-year-old daughter told me I had to sign up to websites because that’s how everyone meets people, my first reaction was, “No way,”’ she says. And then there was part of me that thought: “I’m better than this.” But the alternative is being alone for the rest of my life, and no one wants that. When your confidence is at rock bottom after a relationship ends, the last thing you want to do is be honest about yourself.’ Indeed, filling out an online profile is such an art that there are companies which will write your profile for you and take professional pictures.

‘So I signed up to and a transatlantic dating site called ilove because I’d always enjoyed travelling to the U. People take online dating as seriously as a job application — a smudgy snap won’t cut it. ‘So, I got advice about how to style my hair and what make-up to wear.

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