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Please, no one include Russia as Europe - it isn't.I suspect that r4, got my point when I posted two countries that no longer exist. I agree with R9 that R4's description of the Czech Republic is overly rosy.R4, Hungary has problems but it isn't a cesspit or as violent as you describe. Czech Republic is no better than Hungary, at least in Hungary gay couples can have a civil partnership.

From what I've understood Finland'd leaders refused to let Finnish Jews to be deported to Germany, although there are some reports that some were sent there.

A country where we celebrated 2000 pacs homosexuals in the space of seven years.

Of two things: either the Czech homos are too shy or modest to admit their sexual orientation or the Czech Republic is a hell for gays and lesbians.

Current rise in homophobia in all the Nordic countries is mainly from the right wing which has lot in common with Nazism.

It also seems to have lot in common with the Tea Party.

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  1. We are not a traditional dating agencies, which you may hear refered to as a Russian bride agency. Now that the internet is much more common in countries such as Ukraine there are many women who are choosing to look for love online by themselves without need for an agency.

  2. It is fascinating that so many people are hung up on instant attraction, instant chemistry, instant spark, and basically this illusion of instant knowledge about a person that they either haven’t even met in the flesh or don’t even know.