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This#-# allows to use the default language of the wiki when the user didn't manually choose a language.# xwiki.language.prefer Default=0#-# Force only one of the supported languages to be accepted.# xwiki.language.force Supported=0One of the key features of a wiki engine is the ability to keep all the history of a document, giving users the ability to see the evolution of a document, but also to revert changes.However, the history of an active wiki continuously grows and is usually much larger than the current version of the data.For instance, you could search for all people who had a last name starting with "Sm" by searching the last name field for "Sm*".Conversely you could search for all people who had their last name ending with "son" by searching the last name field for "*son"..If the location points to a file or a directory to which XWiki does not have write access to, a warning will be printed in the log and the temporary directory will be used as a default.The temporary directory can be periodically cleaned and all its content deleted so it is critical that it is not used for anything else.

If you'd like to see what's scheduled to be sent in the future, when it's scheduled for, or remove a message before it's sent, you can access your scheduled messages within your email history. Bulk Rename Utility is free of charge for personal, private use, at home.To use Bulk Rename Utility within a business entity, company or for commercial purposes, a commercial license is required.The configuration allows you to add fields and validation constraints to the fields which are there.Since version 2.3M1 in order to turn on captcha you simply go to the administration page, click "Registration" and you will find a checkbox for turning on captcha along with other registation page related settings.

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