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Dating from the turn of the century, gravy refers to money or profits easily and sometimes illegally acquired.

A gravy train or boat is a situation or position which offers the advantages necessary for putting prosperity and fortune within easy reach. slang expression dates from the 1920s.sugar daddy A wealthy man, usually middle-aged or elderly, who spends freely on a young woman, providing material luxuries in exchange for companionship and sex. The expression was popular in the middle of the 20th century, especially in the jazz world.

It later came to mean ‘armed, equipped, furnished’ with any kind of weapon, usually a revolver.

This latter usage was common in the 19th century, toward the close of which is found the term’s first application to being ‘furnished with money.’ This last is the only meaning retained.wealth, riches, plenty, fortune, prosperity, abundance, big money, exuberance, profusion, big bucks (informal, chiefly U.

It was once the custom in posh restaurants to place a cake of ice in the urinals of men’s rooms.

Thus, this expression implies that the only men who urinated on ice were those wealthy enough to patronize these exclusive and expensive dining the gravy train To become prosperous, to have much success or luck in acquiring wealth; to partake of the good life, to live high off the hog.

The earliest is attributed to Robert Greene, a contemporary of Shakespeare’s. expression is said to derive from the fact that choice cuts of meat come from high up on a hog’s side.

One of the wealthiest states of USA, New Jersey is as rich in economic opportunities as in natural beauties.The state is in fact is home to major telecommunications firms such as Verizon Wireless, Avaya, Alcatel-Lucent, and AT&T Communications.Engineers, software experts, computer programmers and other highly-skilled professionals working in the hi-tech sector are among those who are likely to be making big bucks at their jobs and thus prove to be generous dates.It has the nation’s highest concentration of scientific professionals, with more than hundred thousand life bio-pharma workers statewide.Each year, several thousand students graduate with degrees in life sciences from New Jersey’s state universities, ready to enrich a well-educated workforce.

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