7 signs that you are dating a psychopath

Most parents want their children to be kind and considerate most, if not all, of the time.But while nearly all youngsters have aggressive moments, for the vast majority — including mine — those moments pass and five minutes later they’re demonstrating their sweet, kind natures by giving you a spontaneous hug or sneaking the cat a kitty treat.A blog post on Psychology Today suggests that narcissists and psychopaths both tend to repeat "confidential" information they've previously shared.Like many parents who’ve witnessed their children being spiteful or cruel, I felt an icy chill in the stomach.So if you take a bunch of kids, and ask them what happened to little Johnny who fell over, cut his knee and cried, typically-developing children will understand what happened and empathise.‘So if a parent is concerned about their child, they might ask themselves: “Is it that my child understands and doesn’t care, or is it that they just don’t understand?In the most worrying cases, the child is cruel to other children or animals.

They’re smart so you have to be strict about following through with threats such as: “If you do that, you’re being sent to your room.” And it all needs to be said very calmly.From the paper: "A psychopath can say, 'I love you,' without feeling anything else than asking for a cup of coffee." One telltale behavior of narcissists in conversation is looking over the other person's shoulder when they're speaking, as if to seek out other interactions.That's according to a 1990 paper on "conversational narcissism," published in the journal Communication Monographs and described in detail in a Psychology Today blog post.The problem might show itself in a child’s persistent inability to feel empathy when others are hurt or in pain.It might be the child’s complete lack of remorse for misbehaviour.

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Read on to see if you've noticed any of the following in people you know — or in yourself.

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