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Look for a camera with long night vision range (30 feet indoors and 60 feet outdoors) and multiple infrared (IR) LED sensors.The more IR sensors a camera has, the better it can reconstruct low-light images into clear video footage.These notifications and alerts can be particularly helpful with doorbell cameras and indoor cameras.A camera with good night vision range will uncover more activity in the dark.A monitored security camera system adds cameras to a professionally monitored security system.

Field of view refers to how wide of an angle the camera can see without moving.We accept affiliate commissions through some of the links on ASecure in order to keep our site running.However, we do not let that compensation influence our ratings and recommendations. Home security cameras and camera systems provide an extra layer of protection to your home and can act as excellent preventative measures against break-ins.Although the YI Home Camera 2 comes with a less-versatile design than the Nest—it can’t disconnect from its mounting bracket like the Nest can—it’s more affordable.You won’t get cloud storage capability, but you can access live video and download local recordings to the micro SD card.

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